I am a freelance digital artist, so I do make art on demand. I have several styles and types of work; below is a basic overview of my main three types. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions or want to inquire about another style / project. Happy arting!

Leslie 03 small.jpg

Painterly Portraits.

Custom digital art that resembles a blend of realistic and impressionistic paintings. The colors blend together to form an impression of the scene, only leaving certain features in realistic detail. Each piece is truly one of a kind.

Avon Painted - Small.jpg

Baroque Classical Paintings.

These pieces are inspired by the great works of Rembrandt and other Renaissance artists. These portraits are grand and somber, surrounded by dark colors, while the subject seemingly glows with its contrasting lightness. 

Blood Rose - Teaser Cover 04.jpg

Custom Illustrations.

Have a need to have a custom illustration, perhaps for a book cover, album design, or personal collection? Whether its a character design or a painting without a reference, you can find your needs met here.