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Custom Illustrations.

Currently open for book cover designs.

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*Images are lower resolutions for faster viewing.

Prices vary depending on complexity and details. Let's start a dialogue!


About the process:

  • Send me a commission inquiry. Include information about the character, scene, colors, and story arc.

  • I will send you a quote. Currently, covers run around €600, but it depends on the amount of subjects and details.

  • Upon accepting quote, you deliver 1/2 the payment via Paypal, and I will deliver 4 concept sketches.

  • After selecting the concept, I will make a b&w tonal value cover design.

  • Changes can be requested, and I will apply them along with the color stage.

  • Once all requests are finalized and approved, I will send the final high-res illustration upon completion of payment.

  • Cheers!

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