Featured in Subrosa Magazine's "Restoration" Issue.

This is Subrosa Magazine 's "Restoration" issue published for July, 2016. The whole magazine is available for print and purchase.

I am very honored and excited to announce that my work has been featured in a magazine. Subrosa Magazine features local Columbus Ohio artists or artisan businesses along with art of all kinds from all around. 

I never really realized that my artistic journey is probably not unlike any other artist's. Whether you're holding yourself back from taking the step, or simply haven't recognized you're talent yet, take the plunge.

It probably goes without saying that I am humbled and uplifted to have such a large feature in their publication. There is nothing quite like the affirmation of a group of people publishing your artwork by their own selection and esteem. I hope to continue to create works that awe and inspire everyone... and myself.