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Unique, painterly portraits with bold brush strokes and vibrant colors.
The amount of brush strokes can be tailored to your preferences.


Darker, subdued oil portraits inspired by the work of the Baroque masters.

Prices vary depending on complexity and the number of subjects. Let's start a dialogue!


About the process:

  • Send me a commission inquiry. Include information about how many subjects, the style you prefer, and what (if anything) you want in the background.

  • I will send you a quote, or ask more questions to get an idea about pricing.

  • Upon agreement of the price, you deliver 1/2 the payment via Paypal and the rough draft will begin.

  • From then on, I will move in multiple stages, getting your approval of the progress along the way.

  • Changes can be requested, at each stage, as long as it is something new that I added on that stage. Overhauls from previous stages will require new estimate of cost.

  • Once all requests are finalized and approved, I will send the final high-res illustration upon completion of payment.

  • Cheers!

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